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Jeducator Jobs is the Global Hub Connecting Jewish Educators to Educational Institutions

Jeducator Jobs is a specialized job board dedicated exclusively to Jewish education and the professionals in its service, advertising job openings found primarily outside of Israel and the US.  With the launch of Jeducator Jobs, the Pincus Fund is at the forefront of breaking down borders and creating connections between Jewish educators and communities across the diaspora.

Using Jeducator Jobs is easy!  All you need to do is fill out a form to create a job listing.

Jeducator Jobs is completely free.

Coming Soon!

Jeducator Jobs is in an early stage and there are plans for numerous additional services to be provided. In particular, keep an eye open for soon-to-be-introduced features such as an announcement board for professional development opportunities that will bring added value to your institution and enhance the professional growth of your personnel.

The Jeducators Initiative

Jeducation World is the second in a series of projects created by the Pincus Fund for Jewish Education as a part of the Jeducators Initiative.

The Pincus Fund’s Jeducators Initiative is a series of digital projects dedicated to serving the Jewish educator. The resources created by the Jeducators Initiative fill important niches within the Jewish educational community.

Jeducation World
Jeducator Jobs